How To Make A Man Happy In Bed

A woman who can make her man happy is in the real sense ‘a unblemished woman’. Are you the one or craving to become a dream woman of your man!

Do not panic anymore lady, as here are the coolest tips for a unblemished make-over towards perfection. Being a married man, and not to mention that i am the happiest and the luckiest man on this earth to have married the best woman on earth! The way my best half has made me a proud husband, you can also do the same.


So, here are some guidelines for every woman out there reading my article, that will make your husband crave for you!

How To Make A Man Happy In Bed

Firstly, never assume that if you come to know how to make your man happy in bed, then you have won the battle. No, that is not the right attitude! You have to make your man happy inside and face the bedroom. Do not leave the things half way, this makes it much more difficult for you to amend them later on.

So, before we move further, let us discuss what you being a woman, need to change in you to make your man happy face the bedroom:

What a man needs is some respect from his life partner. And if you cannot give him the respect he needs, then you will lose the respect he has for you in his heart. First give what you want in return. Its well said’

‘treat others the way you want yourself to be treated’

Devote some time to your husband, to your relationship, because this life is too short for retention grudges against the one with whom you are going to spend your last breath with! So, why not make the best out of what you have with you right now! This is life.

And if you want to make your man happy in the real sense, then you will have to make sure changes in you.

Next is the looks department- A man all the time wants his woman to look good and likeable. So what, if you are not that born beautiful, at least you can wear good make-up and a nice outfit that looks great on you, your height, your complexion, your built. This makes him realise how much you think of, what he wants from you. There are some things that have to be shown and expressed, do not take all for granted that he knows that. No, you have to show how much you care for him, how much you love him and how much you need him.

Make him feel special!

Now, the thing is how to make your man happy through his stomach. If you are blessed with a good cooking style, then this is not at all difficult for you. Make something special for your man at least on the weekend, when you have enough time to spend with each other. Prepare his favorite food or some new recipe containing his favorite ingredients. This will make him really the happiest of all the men on this earth!

Even if you are not that good natural cook, do not worry. You can get those astounding cooking books from any bookstore or online cooking recipes or you can learn from the cooking programs telecasted on television.

The last main thing for you is to take initiative when he is around, in bedroom or out of your bedroom! This makes you more consuming and desirable in his eyes! He will love to be in your company. When outdoors, try to go for what your man has all the time expressed his desire for, like he is fond of watching cricket right there in the cricket stadium. Even if you do not like it, you should try to think from his point of view, how much crazy he is for cricket. One step transmit from your side means an additional one one from him. Respect his likings, and in return, you will get the same from him.

And, when inside the bedroom, forget about hesitation or likes and dislikes. Be fully expressive and the wildest ever!

Shower him with your sexuality and wild desires, no place for private desires! Got it..

Do what he likes, no restrictions, no boundaries, just love, love and love everywhere. Do not lie like a piece of furniture in front of your man, be active and initiative and try new ways to touch and excite him.

How To Make A Man Happy In Bed